Practices for Inner Peace in Longmont

Contemplative Practices in Longmont

Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Music and Sound, Dancing and Drumming…
These are just some of the contemplative practices available to the Longmont community.

Practices for Inner Peace Longmont: Promoting Contemplative Practices in Longmont

Practices for Inner Peace is a diverse community of practitioners in the Longmont area who are dedicated to offering the public practical contemplative tools for spiritual growth. We do this through sponsoring educational programs and interactive community events, such as our annual Wake Up! in the Park and Day of Meditation events. We have been in existence since 2011/2012 when we sponsored our first Wake Up! in the Park event at Kanemoto Park.

PIP members are able to directly share their individual offerings or services at our community events. Members are also able to promote their services and offerings by being listed on our members page. Members are also encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise through original articles about their practices posted on the PIP contemplative community blog.

Contemplative Practices in Longmont
PIP member, dava money, leading an exercise from The Authenticity Series
Contemplative Practices in Longmont
PIP Member, Cliff Clusin, leads meditation instruction at Day of Meditation








More information about events sponsored by Practices for Inner Peace and PIP member events came be found on our Events page.  See images from previous PIP events here.

If you are contemplative practitioner, consider joining this emerging and evolving community-focused group who is committed to sharing with the public tools for greater kindness and compassion.

As a member of our community, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience mutual support in a community of like-minded practitioners
  • Have greater visibility through a link on our website and the opportunity to write a guest blog post on our blog.
  • Share your contemplative practice at our annual public events: Wake Up! in the Park and Day of Meditation
  • Have the opportunity to contribute your unique gifts in helping shape the future of PIP Longmont, and in shaping the role we can play in the greater Longmont community

Learn more about becoming a member of PIP.